Vehicle Tuning At Its Best

As technology has advanced so have modern vehicles and their engines. What makes all this work like clockwork is known as the ECU (Engine Control Unit ) or EMU (Engine Management Unit). These units work the same as our beloved personal computers, laptops, tablets and phones, and everything else that requires software.

We, at EFI Evolution, have the latest equipment, skill and knowledge to optimize your ECU or EMU software for better fuel consumption, better power, and better torque, to give you a far more pleasant and smoother drive.

So how do we achieve this?

Manufactures have to tune a vehicle for different fuels, severe temperatures and the harshest operating conditions. This causes a big tolerance with the manufactures ECU software as it would be too costly for them to have each model tuned for every market around the world that a vehicle is sold in.

To offset the cost of designing an engine, manufacturers have to resell the particular engine a few times over, or typically you will see the same engine in a different model with a different power output. This is achieved by changing the ECU software. Another example is when the next generation model is released it has the same engine in but higher power output. The only way for the manufacturer to achieve this is to not tune the engine to its true potential. In most cases, research has found that only 70% of a vehicles true potential is available when the engine is first released. This allows the manufacture to up the power output for the next generation of vehicles the engine will be used in or for use in a different model but with a higher output level.

This is where we come it, we optimize the factory standard ECU software for better fuel consumption or for better performance; or if you’d like, we can give you the best of both worlds, power and economy.

The results guarantee a far greater power delivery, smoother throttle response and greater torque (more torque means less gear changing which assists in fuel saving efforts).

All safety parameters in the manufactures original ECU software are never overwritten – this ensures that your engine is never pushed close to or over its limits.

We tune to maximum safe power and we can confirm savings of up to 20% in fuel consumption.

Our aim is that depending on the km you travel per month, your investment will return itself within 6 months.

Gains of up to 15% on naturally aspirated engines and up to 30% on turbo charged engines are achieved.

Where there are hardware changes on engines, example a downpipe or performance exhaust, performance filters just a few to mention there is much more gain achievable then the above stated figures.