polo cross beforepolo cross after

This is a typical example of a manufacturer using the same engine in the same model with a lower output map, or different software. We have here a 2006 1.9 tdi Polo cross, which has a claimed engine power of 78kw. However in the same model lineup in the polo sedan and polo hatch you got the 1.9tdi with a claimed 96kw of engine power. On this car we did a before and after power run to show the difference. Please bear in mind that a dyno is a tuning tool which measures wheel kw and no engine power as showed by manufacturers. We will therefore look at the gain in wheel kw and compare the two.

The kw reading we got before the software modification was 57 wheel kw and and 259 newton meters torque. We did the software modification and did a run again, The results were 69kw and 331 newton meters of torque.

20% increase in wheel kw

28% increase in the newton meters Torque

Please note that a car takes up to 200km to completely adapt to the new software file as we rest the ecu when we load new software. So there is an extra 10% still to show once completely adapted.